Midwifery Model of Care

The unique hallmark of midwifery care is the relationship between the midwife and her clients. It is a collaborative effort between them that should ensure safe and satisfying care. Both parties have certain responsibilities to uphold.

Midwife Responsibilites

  • We will care for the client throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and through the first six weeks postpartum according to these practice guidelines..
  • We will provide information about any and all aspects of care so that the client may make truly informed decisions. We will make recommendations based on our skill, experience, and training, with regard to all aspects of care.
  • We will maintain confidential records (charts) regarding care, to which the client may have access to at any time via our electronic charting system, and which can be shared with other providers (with client’s written consent) in the event of a referral of care.
  • We will be on call 24/7 from 37 weeks of pregnancy onward for your labor and birth. We will respond to all non urgent phone calls, texts, or emails during normal business hours. In the event that the client’s risk status or condition, whether during pregnancy, labor, or postpartum, warrants medical treatment or some other kind of care that is outside our scope of practice, we will refer the client for further treatment.
  • We will do whatever we reasonably can to accommodate special needs, whether they are physical, spiritual, cultural, etc. if you make us aware of them
  • We will provide the client with a clear explanation of our fees and we will mutually agree upon a payment plan.
  • We will, barring extenuating circumstances, arrange for our clients to meet and get to know any assistant or student who will attend her birth ahead of time (normally over several visits), with the understanding that we will not compromise our clients’ or babies’ safety by working without a trained assistant/a second midwife except in unavoidable extenuating circumstances.
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